Precision Engineering

Checking fixture, fabricating precision components etc.

  • Design and development
  • Fabrication of precision components

Robotics & Automation

Service and repair of industrial robotics and generators.

  • AMAT DPS Indexer
  • MESA Bruch Assy
  • Mirra Pad Conditioner
  • Mirra Robot
  • Rorze Robot
  • Vacuum Robot
  • VHP Robot
  • V-Tex Gate Valve
  • VHP Robot Arm Assy/Hub Assy/ATM Motor

Equipment Systems Upgrade

User friendly and programmable engineering system design and supplies.

  • Brief Illustration Of The Failure Detection System
  • Bried Illustration Of The Heater Interlock System
  • DPS Heater System
  • Fabricated/Installed Heater System On DPS Metal
  • Flowmeter System Upgrade w/Temperature And Interlock
  • Heater System on DPS Metal
  • Heater System On DPS Metal & DPS Poly
  • Load Lock Pressure Interlock
  • PLC Monitoring System For Temperature/Power
  • Principles Of The Failure Detection System
  • Wet Cart System For Solar Industry
  • DPS ASP Temp

Plating / Fluorocarbon Coating

Fluorocarbon coating for chemical resistance and non-stick requirements.

  • RF Coil Repair/Plating Services
  • Complete Refurbishment With Teflon Coating
  • Fluorocarbon Coating Services
  • Incoming Inspections & Tests
  • LAM On-Trak Parts And Components
  • Mirra Cross Cover Coating
  • Pad Conditioner Refurbishment With Teflon Coating
  • Teflon Coating

Repair/Refurbishment Services

We specialized in semiconductor equipment refurbishment which ensure cost effectiveness and functionality, upgrading of equipment to improve performance to meet OEM standard. Refurbishment programs transformed used equipment to meet user requirements. Each project is customized to specific requirements by our clients.

  • 300mm Relexion Profiler Polishing Head
  • ISO Valve
  • CKD VEC Gate Valve
  • Cleaning/Ultrasonic Cleaning For Inner Electrodes
  • CNC Fabrication
  • CVD Gate Valve
  • DPS Coil Refurbishment
  • DPS Metal Cathode
  • Electro-Polishing Services
  • New AMAT DPS Metal RF Coil Inner Assy
  • RF Coil Refurbishment
  • RF Source Repair & Refurbishment